About Us
On March 30th 1982, PT. EKA NURI established in Jakarta to support local and foreign oil companies that exists in Indonesia. Today, we consist of seven specialized divisions, which are:
  1. Eka Nuri General Supplier
  2. Eka Nuri Warehouse
  3. Eka Nuri Gold Crew Chemical
  4. Eka Nuri Construction
  5. Eka Nuri Transportation
  6. Eka Nuri Shipping (changed to Eka Nuri Indra Pratama in 1997)
  7. Eka Nuri Containers (changed to Graha Segara in 2000)
EKA NURI, founded on the simple principle of delivering practical solution to our clients, especially in the oil & gas industries. Our system which is called the EKA NURI TOTAL SOLUTION is a comprehensive integrated solution between warehouses, transportation, manpower, and support, with professional management to professionally comply with each and every client's demand.

Main Office Building