General Supplier: Safety Equipment, IT, Chemicals
We at PT. Eka Nuri acts as a general supplier for safety equipments, chemicals, and information technology systems.

Our IT division is supported by more than 200 employees. Some of the systems we've made are:
  • Trading Distribution System
    A trading and distribution tracking system that integrates with the accounting system. Basically, all business operations are tracked and recorded in a single system, simplifies the work of your employees and accountants. Thus providing more time for them to do another important tasks.

  • Human Resource management
    The system will transform your activity-based data into a more valuable information, to keep the management aware of any progress in the key performance indicator, set in the company strategy.

  • Network and System Integration
    We provide servers, workstations, network infrastructure and all peripherals to create a LAN, WAN, or intranet system.

  • Time and Access Control System
    We provide devices, installation, and support for any time and access control system. Barcoding, magnetic reader, proximity sensor, attendance tracking system with biometric technology and a whole lot more.

Easytrack and Fleet Management System

A hardware-software integrated system, specially developed for an automatic location-based fleet management. The system consists of several remote devices that track the position of any vehicle and sends information to a base system unit that stores and analyze the data.